WWE Legend thinks Bray Wyatt could be behind the White Rabbit teases 

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has shared his thoughts on WWE’s White Rabbit teasers and whether it might have anything to do with Bray Wyatt.

The sports entertainment company has recently been playing White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane during commercial breaks and at live events. During this week’s episode of RAW and SmackDown, QR Codes were showcased backstage which linked to videos on WWE‘s official website of a white rabbit playing hangman and a maze game.

It’s been widely speculated among fans on social media that this could be the company’s way of building up to The Eater of Worlds return, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

On the latest episode of the Drive-Thru, Jim Cornette stated that the ongoing phenomenon sounds like the kind of stuff that Bray Wyatt was doing in WWE. Now that Triple H is in control of creative instead of Vince McMahon, Cornette is prepared to give the former Universal Champion another chance.

“We may need to give this guy another chance. If he comes back and it’s spooky and interesting and not silly and fake, well that would be swell. So we’ll see what happens, but it sounds like the kind of stuff that Bray Wyatt was doing, and then they got Alexa Bliss, was tainted, and her mind taken over by him and then she got his gimmick when he left. I’ll keep an open mind… So we’ll see what happens but if this is Bray, we’ll give him another chance,” said Cornette. (3:25-4:18)

You can watch the episode below:


Bray Wyatt was recently spotted training with Keith Thurman ahead of his rumored return to WWE

The Eater of Worlds hasn’t appeared or competed in any other wrestling company since departing from WWE. His release took many people by storm, as he was a major star and beloved by many fans.

Bray Wyatt was recently spotted training alongside former Boxing Welterweight World Champion Keith Thurman, which you can check out below:


Triple H has brought back numerous stars such as Karrion Kross and Dakota Kai since he took over creative. There’s a chance that he could re-sign the former Universal Champion as well. Him returning would undoubtedly create a massive buzz in the wrestling world.

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