WWE hints that the “White Rabbit” is someone we already know

WWE has now addressed the “White Rabbit” mystery that has been intriguing and befuddling fans over the past week.

The September 19 episode of Monday Night RAW had a QR code in the background of certain segments which pointed to SmackDown later in the week. On the Blue Brand, another QR code took those who scanned to a game and pointed to the location of the following week’s RAW, where another QR code dumped a lot of information. All these hints had the motif of a white rabbit.

During commercial breaks on the weekly shows and on house shows for the past two weeks, the song “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane has been played while the lights are dimmed for the duration.

On the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, host Matt Camp recapped the teases that have happened till now. He also speculated that the tease might be for someone making a return to the company, like so many have done under the new regime.

“I thought I had a handle on this, did any of you have a handle on who this is? Is it a ‘who’? Is it a ‘what’?, is it a group? I have watched the shows just like everyone else has over the last couple of months and a lot of names we haven’t seen in quite a while have popped back on Monday Night Raw, or on SmackDown, or NXT.” [h/t WrestleTalk]

Fans have speculated on the identity of White Rabbit. Most believe it is the return of Bray Wyatt, who was shockingly released last year after creating one of the most unique wrestling characters in The Fiend. Fans believe that White Rabbit is another spooky persona for The Eater of Worlds.

The latest White Rabbit tease in WWE is the biggest clue for the mystery as of now

The White Rabbit tease on this week’s RAW might have been the largest dump of information in regards to this mystery up to now.

The QR code that appeared during the show took viewers to a Tik Tok video of clips of several former and current WWE Superstars, edited together to say, “Who killed the world? You did. Feed your head.”

The video also showed the coordinates to the town of Corbin, Kentucky. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful pointed out on Twitter that WWE ran a few shows there in late 2019 and Bray Wyatt as “The Fiend” defended his Universal Championship against The Miz there.

Another set of coordinates in the QR code led to a creepy art project of a 200-foot bunny on top of a hill in Artesina, Italy, put there in 2005.

When fans checked the source code of the video, the phrases “no man is truly good” and “no man is truly evil” were written there. These are the lyrics to Aleister (Malakai) Black’s WWE theme song, teasing that Wyatt might not be behind the White Rabbit.

WWE has captivated audiences with the tease over the past few weeks. While fans have been on the hunt for the culprit behind these teases, thay also anxiously wait for the identity of the White Rabbit.

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