SmackDown Superstar sends a one-word message following a backstage fight with Charlotte Flair 

Sonya Deville is adamant about wanting another shot at Charlotte Flair’s SmackDown Women’s Championship, a fact she made clear in her latest tweet.

Though Deville failed to capture the title from The Queen last week, she’s hell-bent on getting another chance to win the gold. She even approached Adam Pearce backstage on the latest edition of WWE SmackDown, demanding a rematch with Flair.

However, the authority figure was quick to turn it down. Pearce even reiterated his stance on the issue through a recent tweet.

Later in the show, Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair engaged in a wild backstage brawl, with several officials coming in to separate the two. A recent post by WWE on FOX’s Twitter account asked fans if Deville deserved a rematch with Flair. The 29-year-old star was quick to respond to the tweet.

Check it out below:

“Obviously,” tweeted Sonya Deville

Since WWE booked a backstage scuffle between Flair and Deville, it’s safe to say another match between them could soon materialize.

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Ric Flair thinks Charlotte Flair could break his record

On a recent episode of his podcast, To Be The Man, Ric Flair stated that he expects his daughter to break his and John Cena’s record of being 16-time World Champions.

The Nature Boy believes that since The Queen already has 14 World Title reigns to her name, it’s a big possibility that she will surpass the record.

“I’m glad Ashley [Charlotte’s real name] is with WWE. She couldn’t be more successful. I mean, 14 times guys. To me, it’s very realistic that she wins or actually surpasses the 16 goal. I think that would be on her plate. I think it’s something that is very possible,” said Ric Flair.

Considering Charlotte Flair is still in the prime of her in-ring career, breaking her father and Cena’s record could be a cakewalk for her.

Do you think Sonya Deville should get another shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship? Sound off in the comments section below.

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