NFL Fans React To Today’s Pat McAfee Announcement

Former NFL player and host Pat McAfee speaks on radio row ahead of Super Bowl LVII at the Phoenix Convention Center on February 9, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona.
(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)


Former NFL player Pat McAfee, the host of the very popular “Pat McAfee Show,” could be in some legal hot water.

On Friday, he announced that he was being sued by Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre for defamation, along with Fox Sports 1 personality Shannon Sharpe.

McAfee didn’t exactly seem concerned while sharing the news, and he said that, in his view, he did nothing wrong — in fact, he was simply doing his job as a journalist/podcast host.

A lot of NFL fans also feel that Favre’s lawsuit is nonsense.

Favre’s defamation suit is centered around his alleged involvement in the mishandling of federal funds given to his home state of Mississippi.

In 2020, the former QB was involved in the development and marketing of Prevasol, a drug that treats concussions, when it was found that Favre had allegedly introduced members of the nonprofit Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) to some top Mississippi welfare officials.

A text message between the founder of the MCEC and Favre, prosecutors allege, revealed the intent to divert welfare funds to build a volleyball arena at the University of Southern Mississippi, the college that Favre attended.

Years ago, Favre was one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks, and he spent most of his 20-year career with the Green Bay Packers while leading them to a Super Bowl championship in the 1996 season.

His legacy lost some of its luster when he retired, only to unretire shortly afterward and leave the Packers when they told him he wouldn’t be guaranteed a starting spot.

Favre ended up playing his last two seasons for the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers’ longtime NFC North rival.

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