Minecraft player meets hilarious death despite nailing MLG trick 

Minecraft is a perilous game where players can die easily when unprepared. However, sometimes, even if one does all the right things, unexpected consequences still occur.

One Redditor learned this the hard way while exploring an End city. The user TDurant 17 fell from a high spot in one of the city’s towers but managed to save their own life thanks to the MLG water bucket trick.

This tactic involves using a water bucket to deploy a water flow on the ground right before impact, keeping the player from taking fall damage. However, strangely enough, as TDurant continued on with their gameplay, an unexpected bout of latency killed them anyway.

TDurant shared their experience on the Minecraft subreddit, and commenters were just as confused.

Redditors react to TDurant’s untimely demise in Minecraft

Pulling off a water bucket trick is hard enough without a Minecraft bug killing a player anyway (Image via Earthtotom/YouTube)
Pulling off a water bucket trick is hard enough without a Minecraft bug killing a player anyway (Image via Earthtotom/YouTube)

Redditors who viewed TDurant’s video were certainly quite confused, and some reacted with outright comedy.

It’s known among members of the community that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition can still lag or experience other connection issues. This is because the game requires the use of Microsoft’s servers to log into the game, even if the player is only playing in singleplayer.

This doesn’t occur in Java Edition by comparison. That version of the game only connects to servers through the multiplayer menu and can be played offline without a login or any form of server connection.

Most players reacting to the Reddit post pointed fingers squarely at Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for TDurant’s woes. By all accounts, it’s hard to argue with the assessment, as servers syncing with the game client in singleplayer aren’t present in Java Edition.

Had TDurant replicated their MLG water bucket trick in Java, they likely would have been able to walk away unscathed. However, the split-second delay between landing or dying from fall damage was all that was necessary to register an unintended death in Bedrock Edition.

Mojang has certainly gone through plenty of efforts in years past to bring parity between the Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft. Although they may have similar gameplay, the two versions contrast at their core due to their very different codebases.

Under the hood, the difference between the Java and Bedrock engines is quite substantial. Furthermore, in the case of TDurant, Bedrock Edition’s reliance on Microsoft’s server network to sync up gameplay can lead to unfortunate and unexpected results.

Lag and other connection issues are certainly still present in Java, but players won’t encounter them in singleplayer. However, once a player opens their game to LAN or enters a multiplayer server, all of that changes, and their connection speed and proximity to the server they’re connecting to come into play.

Unfortunately, though Microsoft’s servers are considered reliable most of the time, blunders do happen. This is where Minecraft players can inadvertently bear the brunt of the problem.


TDurant didn’t reply to any of the comments made in their Reddit post’s thread, but they may be considering a switch to Java Edition after this inexplicable in-game demise.

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