How to get a Golden Lure Module in Pokemon GO (March 2023)

Introduced during Pokemon Day 2023, Pokemon GO’s new Golden Lure Modules can be incredibly helpful in hunting for Gimmighoul Coins, which can be used by trainers to evolve Gimmighoul into its Steel/Ghost-type form, Gholdengo.

However, it takes more than a few coins to make the former turn into the latter. Much like in Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon GO players will have to collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins to initiate this evolution. To get that many coins, players will have to capture Gimmighoul wherever they find it, as well as spin Golden Pokestops when they’re available.


Fortunately, a new in-game item can assist players with creating Golden Pokestops in Pokemon GO. That is if they have access to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on Nintendo Switch.

Getting Golden Lure Models in Pokemon GO via Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

By connecting to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon GO trainers can receive helpful items (Image via The Pokemon Company)
By connecting to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon GO trainers can receive helpful items (Image via The Pokemon Company)

If you do indeed have access to a Nintendo Switch and either Pokemon Scarlet or Violet (or both), you can connect to the Generation IX titles and send along a postcard to the Paldea region. Doing so will allow you to receive a Coin Bag in GO. Moreover, you’ll also receive a Golden Lure Module after sending multiple postcards.

Only one of these can be dispatched per day, but as long as you continue to receive and send them, you’ll have a new Golden Lure Module before you know it.

Keep in mind that to take advantage of this connection method, you will need to unlock the Mystery Gift function in Scarlet and Violet. This can be done after reaching the first Pokemon Center in Los Platos, and you will have to ensure their Scarlet/Violet game is updated to the latest version as well.


After you’ve unlocked the function and updated either or both titles, here’s what you do to get Golden Lure Models:

  1. Open Pokemon GO and then your settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to connected devices and services, and then select the Nintendo Switch option.
  3. Tap Connect to Nintendo Switch.
  4. On Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, while you’re in-game, open your X button menu.
  5. Select the Poke Portal option and then Mystery Gift.
  6. Select Connect to Pokemon GO.
  7. Choose to pair with a GO account.
  8. When prompted if you’d like to connect your GO account to Scarlet/Violet, tap Yes.
  9. Back on GO, open your item bag, and select your postcard book.
  10. Find a postcard you’d like to send to Paldea and tap it, then tap the icon on the bottom-right of the screen that has three horizontal bars.
  11. Select Send to Pokemon Scarlet/Violet.
  12. Back in Scarlet or Violet, return to the Mystery Gift menu and choose the Connect to Pokemon GO option. Then, choose to communicate with the mobile title to receive your postcard in Paldea.


Keep in mind that you won’t be able to receive a Golden Lure Module right after your first postcard has been sent. However, subsequent ones being shipped to Paldea will ultimately result in trainers snagging a Golden Lure Module as a reward.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to open as many gifts from friends as possible to have a healthy stock of postcards to send to Paldea since this will also help trainers in Scarlet and Violet capture different variants of Vivillon with myriad wing patterns.

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