GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC hints at psychedelic experiences

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC could potentially feature a mystical encounter with some creatures. Rockstar finally announced the latest update this morning.

According to official statements on their Twitter account, December 13 marks the release of GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. Based on the subject matter itself, some players might be expecting an LSD trip somewhere down the line.

That is definitely the case for GTA Series Videos, a YouTube channel dedicated to the game. After looking closely at the promotional artwork for GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, they found hints that may indicate the return of Bigfoot and other strange animals.

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A mystical experience may arrive soon in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC

A few hints in the promotional artwork

The new “Los Santos Drug Wars” art features Bigfoot and white rabbits, probably hinting at psychedelic and mystical experiences in #GTAOnline.

Rockstar has released the official watercolor artwork for the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. A lot is going on with the picture, but a few details stand out with a closer inspection. GTA Series Videos took a few screenshots to prove their point on Twitter.

First and foremost, Bigfoot can be seen in the skies, right above Juggalo’s left hand. Secondly, a few rabbits can be found roaming about right below the official logo. It may be a reference to the Operation White Rabbit novel by Dennis McDougal, which covered the rise and fall of the “Acid King.”

It should be noted that some text files were leaked in regard to the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, a few weeks before it was officially announced. It contained the phrases “ACID” and “ACID_LAB.” This could further the connection to Operation White Rabbit.

Rockstar might also be hinting at it


Something strange is happening with the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. Rockstar has suggested the possibility of a psychedelic experience with the winter update. Here is what they wrote on their Newswire page:

“Caution: Los Santos Drug Wars contains a range of wild side effects, including a new business enterprise to operate, new vehicles and missions, and experiential upgrades.”

Note the use of the phrase “wild side effects” in the above quote. Players will likely encounter drugs at some point in the new series of missions. Whether or not they meet up with Bigfoot again remains to be seen, but there’s a very good chance it might happen.

The update’s subject matter lends well to the LSD theory


Realistically, there is no way Rockstar would put “drug wars” in the title of their upcoming DLC and not have an excuse to use LSD trips.

Historically, players could only control animals by ingesting a peyote plant. With that in mind, hallucinogenic drugs will likely be heavily featured in the DLC, since Rockstar is hinting at yet another Bigfoot appearance in the game.

It remains to be seen how these elements will be incorporated in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. Nonetheless, it opens up a world of possibilities without the need to be grounded in reality.

Players only have to wait until December 13 to get their answers. It’s less than a week away from today, so they don’t have to wait very long. Rockstar will continue to update the player in the following days.

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