Garou vs Saitama fight concludes, Garou asks Saitama for a favor and the Caped Baldy time travels

The latest chapter of One Punch Man left the entire fanbase talking about various events, and the much-anticipated fight between Garou and Saitama finally concluded. This chapter had many elements for the fans to enjoy, especially featuring the typical humor for which One Punch Man is known.

Some of the predictions made concerning this chapter came true, and it’s safe to say that Murata sensei continues to blow our minds. Let’s break down all the events in the chapter and understand the direction in which the plot is heading.

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One Punch Man chapter 168: Saitama’s exponential growth

The two continued to duke it out on Jupiter’s moon, and Garou used portals to punch Saitama from a distance. However, the Caped Baldy not only kept up but also managed to outpace the Hero Hunter using portals. Garou then realized that Saitama was copying his moves on purpose and the Caped Baldy provoked Garou by asking him to try and surpass Saitama by emulating his actions.

Garou then realized that no one on Saitama’s level noticed his constant growth. Because of the upsurge in his emotions, Saitama’s growth rate increased exponentially, and Garou could no longer keep up.

One Punch Man chapter 168: Saitama’s new Serious Move almost destroyed Jupiter

Just as the two were fighting, the Caped Baldy could intercept one of Garou’s punches and hold him in place. However, the Hero Hunter seemed worried because Saitama made a weird face. It seemed like Saitama caught a cold, and he subsequently developed a new move, Serious Sneeze.

Saitama Serious Sneeze! One Punch Man Chapter 169

This destroyed one-half of Jupiter which was facing the moon they were on. The sneeze was so powerful that the recoil sent them into space. Garou tried to remain calm and collected, but he was genuinely terrified of Saitama. He thought that he would be able to beat him. Additionally, he could see the sun since they were launched into space. He opened a portal to the sun and punched Saitama into the hyperspace gate.

One Punch Man chapter 168: Saitama’s stomach ache saves him

Garou was celebrating since he was right above Earth, and he sent his enemy into the sun, and there was no way he’d survive that. However, he was shocked to see Saitama behind him. The Caped Baldy explained that his stomach ache allowed him to break wind, giving him enough momentum to reach close to Garou. Saitama punched Garou back into Earth and landed close to Tareo. Garou wanted Saitama to kill him, but he refused to do so.

Garou asks for a favor, and Saitama travels back in time

He was disturbed by the fact that Tareo died because of him. He asks Saitama for a favor and asks him to copy his move. Saitama was confused and didn’t care for it. However, moments before God took back Garou’s powers, he was able to show Saitama his best technique, and the Caped Baldy went back in time. During the time travel, he saw Garou, the “ominous future,” and decided to strike his image.

When he went back in time, the punch which was abnormally powerful on the moon of Jupiter also traveled back in time and struck Garou when he thought he was the definition of absolute evil. Saitama was able to beat the Cosmic Fear Mode Garou with zero punches. Genos was alive since Saitama neutralized Garou well in time, and he was delighted to see his disciple. Garou’s powers were slowly disappearing, and the chapter ended here.

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