“Do the damn thing” – Cowboys fans beg Jerry Jones to stop teasing and finalize Odell Beckham Jr. deal 

Odell Beckham Jr. is heavily linked with the Dallas Cowboys and it seems like the star receiver won’t hesitate to sign with them if the offer is right. OBJ played for the Los Angeles Rams last season and played a huge role in their Super Bowl triumph.

The Cowboys would benefit from the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. Recently, multiple Cowboys players have publicly stated that they would love to have him on their team.


In response to the Cowboys players openly recruiting the former LSU starlet to Dallas, owner Jerry Jones said this:

“I love it, that they have that kind of perspective.”

Following Jerry Jones’s statement, Dallas Cowboys fans started requesting him to wrap up the Odell Beckham Jr. deal. Fans want him on the team because they recognize how valuable he can be to their team.

Here’s how Cowboys fans on social media reacted to Jerry Jones’ statement about OBJ:

Do the damn thing Jerry. twitter.com/jonmachota/sta… https://t.co/hEtwLWlPSB

@jonmachota @1053thefan If Jerry could stop referencing everything like it was still 1992 that would be lovely

@jonmachota @1053thefan Old jerry would have this done. Stephen is calling the shots and will most likely shoot it down like he did Cooks, Zadarius Smith wtc

@jonmachota @1053thefan Right now, we need the old gunslinger , renegade, finger to the league , Jerry to get this done!

Go get em then Jerry!! twitter.com/jonmachota/sta…

Then get him already 😭 twitter.com/jonmachota/sta…

While some fans have serious doubts about whether Jerry Jones will be able to sign OBJ, there is still some optimism in Dallas that the Super Bowl champ will be playing alongside CeeDee Lamb this season.

Many other teams are also interested in acquiring Odell Beckham Jr., so the Dallas Cowboys must act quickly, or else he will wind up on another Super Bowl contender.

Odell Beckham Jr. will fit perfectly for the Dallas Cowboys

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals

OBJ is exactly the type of player the Cowboys require right now to become a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Their defense is among the best in the league, and while their offense has recently improved, the addition of a quality veteran receiver like Odell could propel them to the next level.

Dak Prescott would love to throw the ball to OBJ and the Cowboys will have a strong receiving core for the playoffs. CeeDee Lamb is still in his early twenties, and his inclusion will help him further develop his game.

Dak Prescott on Odell Beckham Jr.: “Any time you have a chance to add a talent like that and knowing Odell, knowing his resume, it’s exciting. But understanding it’s also a business and I’m sure there’s 31 other teams that would like to add him as well.” https://t.co/kTXIaVdYX6

Last season, Beckham Jr. showed that he can join a team mid-season and still make an impact, and this time around he will look to do the same. As of now, the Cowboys are the favorites to land him, but things could change quickly in the future.

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