“A wonderful, kind human being”

John Cena’s return to weekly television has been an exciting surprise for fans of the WWE Universe. The fans are excited for the 16-time World Champion to interact with new and old rivals. To everyone’s surprise, Cena has called one of his greatest rivals a close friend.

The Leader of the Cenation returned to the ring from Hollywood due to the writer’s strike, and the company is looking to make the most of his surprise availability. He has gotten involved with The Bloodline and will take on Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa at WWE Fastlane.

The GOAT appeared on this week’s WWE The Bump, where he spoke about his upcoming match and many other topics. One person he talked about in glowing terms on the show was AJ Styles. John Cena was all praise for Styles as a person and also for his work in the ring.

“Phenomenal is a great way to describe AJ. He is a wonderful, kind human being and brought out the best in me physically. We both had a different perspective of our careers, and he thought if I wouldn’t exist, he would be where I’m at,” said Cena. [From 13:15 to 13:32]

The two faced each other in a trio of classics, and being in the ring with each other bought out the best in them, and it also became the foundation of their friendship.

“Through being in the ring in front of each other and bringing out the best in each other, we have become great friends, and I wish AJ a speedy recovery,” added Cena. [From 13:39 to 13:47]


John Cena to team up with LA Knight at WWE Fastlane

AJ Styles was supposed to be Cena’s partner in a tag team match against The Bloodline before he was attacked backstage by Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. The Samoan star took out the GOAT during the contract signing, leaving the Hollywood star helpless.

The Bloodline members tried to do the same on last week’s SmackDown. However, this time, LA Knight came out to save The Cenation Leader and signed the contract.

This sets up a high-profile tag team match for WWE Fastlane this Saturday. While John Cena and The Megastar might have the same enemies on the night, they haven’t always seen eye to eye. It will be interesting to see how the two do as a team. A win for them will be a major hit to The Bloodline’s dominance and might further the cracks within the family.

Are you surprised that AJ Styles and John Cena are friends? Were you happy to see Knight as the replacement for Styles? Let us know in the comments below.

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