5 things to know about June Guerry and Dana Woods’ murders in Moncks Corner

The upcoming episode of Investigation Discovery’s Murder in Moncks Corner is ready to dive into the double murders of June Guerry and Dana Woods, aged 22 and 18, respectively. The shocking case, which dates back to 2012, saw the two young women abruptly going missing while visiting a drive-thru Burger King late at night.

Several days later, the authorities uncovered the bodies of the two women about ten miles away from each other.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode of Murder in Moncks Corner reads:

“On an August night in Moncks Corner, S.C., Dana Woods and her friend June Guerry head out for a quick bite at a fast food restaurant; when they fail to return home, their parents start a search, but it will take days before their fate is known.”

Though it was solved rather quickly and efficiently, there are many details about this case that make it special. Read on for five such details about the double murders of June Guerry and Dana Woods.

Five quick facts about June Guerry and Dana Woods’ murder case

1) Both girls were shot to death in execution-style

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One of the odd anomalies, in this case, was the style of the murder. While conventionally killers opt for different methods, for June Guerry and Dana Woods, their killers shot them at the back of their heads, emulating a classic gun execution, usually practiced by hitmen or terrorists.

Dana’s body was found about 75 yards away from her burned car and 10 miles away from her dead friend’s body.

2) It did not take the police long to apprehend the two perpetrators: Caleb Matlock and Ray Chavis

rest in peace: Dana Woods and June Guerry http://t.co/0EccqhnP

Soon after the investigation began, the authorities singled out 23-year-old cousins Caleb Matlock and Ray Chavis. One of the cousins was spotted driving Dana’s vehicle, a Chevrolet Metro, in the Highway 402 area. This led to the initial suspicion, although the police have not revealed how they ended up on the two suspects.

When the police went to arrest him, Caleb had the murder weapon on him. This led to their conviction.

3) The motive for the murder was robbery

Please keep the Woods and Guerry families in your prayers tonight. Dana Woods was killed and June Guerry is still missing

Despite apprehending the suspects, the authorities allegedly struggled to understand the motive behind the crime. Soon, they deciphered that the cousins planned on robbing the girls but ended up killing them. Arthur Chavis claimed that he did not know his cousin was going to kill the girls. He had expected that they would use Dana’s car to commit another robbery.

4) June Guerry and Dana Woods knew Caleb Matlock and Ray Chavis

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of June Guerry and Dana Woods. Very sad very tragic.

The two victims of the gruesome crime knew their perpetrators well. This could be one of the reasons they agreed to give them a lift. Woods even told her mother on call that they were giving someone a lift.

5) Caleb and Arthur both pleaded guilty to their crimes

Murder suspect Caleb Matlock, 25, is in the process of pleading guilty in the shooting deaths of Dana Woods and June Guerry in 2012

Though the victims’ families wanted a harsher sentence, Caleb pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, armed robbery, and third-degree arson, accepting a 55-year sentence instead of a life sentence.

Since he was not the triggerman, Arthur received a sentence of 25 years behind bars for the murders of June Guerry and Dana Woods.

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