5 Directions For Happy Corbin following recent losing streak in WWE

Happy Corbin, also known as Baron Corbin, has been on WWE’s main roster since 2016. The former United States Champion been a heel throughout his career. His character has seen a lot of changes in that time.

So far, we have witnessed Corbin going from his Lone Wolf character to becoming Constable Corbin to winning the 2019 King of the Ring tournament and becoming King Corbin to losing everything that he earned to become Sad Corbin and after turning his misfortunes around in Las Vegas he became Happy Corbin.

Corbin has always been the man called upon to put someone over, but he rarely gets to win big matches himself.

Happy Corbin is currently on a losing streak. He has lost most of his feuds recently and has had a few wins over recent months.

Corbin hasn’t won a Pay-Per-View Match since TLC 2019, which is ironically the last time Roman Reigns has been pinned. Happy Corbin could really use a few wins and a bit of a change of direction

#4. Happy Corbin gets drafted to RAW

Many wrestlers who weren’t getting much traction on one show have found success by going to the other. If nothing else, it would give Happy Corbin some fresh faces to battle. He wrestled against Madcap Moss for much of 2022. If Corbin goes to RAW, then Moss should stay on Smackdown.

Monday Nights will open up new horizons, new challenges, and even access to winning the United States title again. Happy Corbin could face the likes of Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, and Kevin Owens.

Corbin hasn’t faced Bobby Lashley in a singles match in four years. It would be a breath of fresh air for a wrestler who needs it like he’s drowning in the ocean.

#3. Revenge against Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin have had a feud for much of the summer. The feud stemmed from McAfee making fun of Corbin during the feud he had with Moss.

The SmackDown commentator would continue to make fun of Happy Corbin despite their initial confrontation. McAfee would even take to referring to him as “Bum A** Corbin.” This resulted in a match at SummerSlam.

Corbin was faced with a choir that was singing “Bum A** Corbin” at him as Pat McAfee came out to face him. Winning the match now, McAfee continues to make fun of Corbin on TV.

Corbin managed to get his heat back by beating Pat McAfee in a rematch, and to do so in brutal fashion. One might even suggest a stipulation could be added. A revenge match would see Corbin finally win a feud that would be much needed.

#2. Return to NXT

Corbin first introduced him to WWE, in NXT
Corbin first introduced him to WWE, in NXT

Sometimes the best move is to take some time off of the main roster. It worked well for Dolph Ziggler, who went to NXT earlier this year.

Ziggler even won the NXT championship. Happy Corbin could follow the same formula, to give himself time away from the main audience.

In NXT, he could instantly be a challenger for the NXT title. He could play the part of the disrespectful veteran who doesn’t give any credit to the new challengers. He’d have to lose in the end, but before he did, he could win the NXT title.

So while even in defeat, he could claim some victories. After spending a few months in NXT with some victories under his belt, he could be ready to return to the main roster, fresh.

#1. Return of The Lone Wolf

Many fans have wished to see the return of The Lone Wolf character
Many fans have wished to see the return of The Lone Wolf character

Many fans have clamored over the years for the return of the Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf’s character has had a decent run on the main roster and many fans have recently expressed their love for the gimmick and want him to return back to his roots.

Since Corbin has been a heel for almost every bit of his run, going back to his old character could allow him to turn babyface for the first time in his career. A good face turn as the Lone Wolf would be enough for a reinvention.

He’s been a heel for so long that it makes one wonder why he doesn’t change his attitude when he lacks so much success. The only title belt he ever won in his career was at the Lone Wolf.

It’s not usually a good idea to revert to old gimmicks as a way to bring the character forward, but there are exceptions. The Undertaker was able to revert to the dead man gimmick in 2004 to much fan celebration. There is no reason why Happy Corbin couldn’t also revert.

Should Corbin bring back his The Lone Wolf persona? Sounds off in the comments section below!

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