UAPs: Watch NASA’s UFO team discuss its findings publicly for the first time

NASA’s task force on UFOs and other strange phenomena is holding its first public meeting today (31 May).

The team was formed in 2022 to gather all the available data on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), which include anything spotted in the sky that couldn’t be immediately attributed to an aircraft or known natural occurrence.

The 16 members of the task force include astronomers, technologists, astrobiologists, physicists and even an astronaut – Scott Kelly, who spent a year on the International Space Station as part of NASA’s landmark twin study.

The group is led by David Spergel, the president of the Simons Foundation and an influential astrophysicist.

Historically, UAPs have rarely been studied with rigour, and all the data has never been gathered in one place before. Now that the group has gathered the data, researchers can begin to take a closer look and try to figure out what UAPs are.


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