Woman Shares Tips on How Ask for Pay Raise When Doing ‘Job of 3 People’

Asking for a pay increase can be one of the most awkward conversations you can have, but this internet sensation professional is showing why it shouldn’t be.

Canada-based IT consultant Laura has attracted a huge following of over 2 million with her office life and etiquette videos on TikTok. The latest issue she tackled, amid a trend of people admitting to “quiet quitting” their jobs, is how to refuse to do extra work when you’re not being paid for it.

Asking something that most have wanted to in their life, she pondered: “How do you professionally say?'”

Laura asked someone she dubbed her “work bestie” through a video call, as part of an ongoing series on how to translate hard-to-ask questions into polite speech.

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Stock image of a teacher writing on a whiteboard. Asking for a pay increase can be one of the most awkward conversations you can have, but one internet sensation professional is showing why it shouldn’t be by sharing helpful tips.
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The “work bestie’s” suggestion when it comes to being paid more for more work was to say: “Are additional team members being added to take on these roles or will I be expected to absorb these responsibilities? If the latter, I would be happy to set up some time to discuss appropriate compensation for this role expansion.”

Their translation will seemingly come in handy for many, with the decision to actively only complete work required of your job role and in office on the rise as people dub it “quiet quitting.” The work technique has gone viral in recent weeks and caused fiery discussion.

Despite the name suggesting otherwise, “quiet quitting” doesn’t involve quitting at all, but instead sees workers simply do what is asked of them and what is asked of them alone. Career coach Kelsey Wat told Newsweek, “My understanding of quiet quitting is when you, sort of, emotionally and mentally check out of your job and do the bare minimum necessary to not get fired, essentially.”

As someone who understands office life, Laura’s tricky questions didn’t stop there, as she danced around telling people to stop trying to manage you and shooting down unnecessary meetings.

“You’re not my boss, stop trying to assign me work,” becomes “Have you connected with [Insert manager’s name] in regards to me taking this on? As it has not been communicated to me that I will be working on this,” according to the “work bestie” in the video.

The relatable “These meetings are unnecessary,” should become a more polite: “Being respectful of everyone’s time, can we communicate about this via email moving forward?”

Finally, “If you want it done your way then just do it yourself” becomes “As you seem to have a very clear vision for the execution of this, I encourage you to take the lead here, and I am happy to support where necessary.”

Laura’s helpful suggestions were welcomed with open arms by TikTok users who were left impressed by them while taking to the comments.

“You’re the most important resource in my life right now,” wrote one user.

“He’s so eloquent and witty, what a great guy,” praised another.

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