Who Does Jackie Pick on ‘Love Is Blind?’ Four Clues Josh Trumps Marshall

Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze are one of the couples on the fourth season of Love Is Blind, the hit Netflix dating show that returned to screens on March 24, with more episodes still to be released.

Bonds and Glaze got engaged after dating in the show’s famous pods, before embarking on the cast vacation to Mexico to get to know each other better.

Since leaving the Love Is Blind pods, dental assistant Bonds and marketing manager Glaze, both 27, have run into a number of relationship hurdles. Bonds was seen breaking down in Mexico over family issues and, in a later episode released on March 31, the pair also turned up to a cast party separately.

At the same cast party, Bonds came face to face with Josh Demas, 31, who she had also been romantically involved with while in the pods.

Love Is Blind Season 4
There have been several hints dropped that Jackie Bonds, pictured, could be set to choose Josh Demas over her fiancé Marshall Glaze on “Love Is Blind” Season 4.

Demas, a project engineer, professed his love for Bonds, telling her to “pick” him and questioning whether she was going to marry Glaze.

A teaser at the end of Love Is Blind Season 4’s eighth episode, the latest to be released on the streaming platform, hinted that Bonds could embark on a romance with Demas after all—despite still being engaged to Glaze.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about the hints given that she ends up with Demas instead of Glaze on Love Is Blind.

Clues that Jackie picks Josh over Marshall on ‘Love Is Blind’

Love Is Blind Season 4
Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze are pictured above in a tender moment during an episode of “Love Is Blind.” The couple got engaged in the “Love Is Blind” pods but have since run into several relationship hurdles.

Jackie and Marshall’s tension

Bonds and Glaze have not had a smooth run so far, suggesting their relationship may not make it.

In one tense scene, Bonds and Glaze were arguing and Bonds snapped: “We don’t have sex bro,” before saying: “You’re going to give me a migraine,” to her fiancé.

Of course, all couples have ups and downs and a few arguments do not necessarily spell the end for duos on the show.

Dress fitting drama

In a trailer for the next batch of episodes, the men and women in the Love Is Blind cast can be seen heading to separate stores to get their suits and dresses for their wedding days.

In one clip, their co-star Brett Brown is seen telling Glaze: “She didn’t show up for the dress fitting,” presumably in reference to Bonds. The footage is from an episode that is yet to air, suggesting there is more drama to come for the troubled couple.

Love Is Blind Season 4
Josh Demas, pictured, was in the pods on “Love Is Blind” Season 4 and was romantically involved with Jackie Bonds, but she ultimately got engaged to Marshall Glaze. His return may spell trouble for their relationship.

Jackie and Josh’s meeting

The teaser also features a brief clip of Bonds and Demas meeting up.

While sitting in a cafe, Demas tells Bonds: “Losing you is my biggest regret. I do love you.”

Glaze is then seen confronting Bonds, saying: “I need answers. Josh, whatever that is. I need to know.”

Wedding teaser

In the original trailer for Love Is Blind Season 4, which can be viewed above, viewers get a glimpse at some of the cast members who will have a wedding with their potential spouses on the show.

It is not revealed, however, which of the men and women wind up making it to the altar and saying “I do.”

Love Is Blind Season 4
Jackie Bonds poses for a selfie with her “Love Is Blind” co-star Chelsea Griffin. Bonds is absent from the wedding scenes in the trailer for the dating show.

While the trailer shows Brown and other stars like Micah Lussier preparing for their big day, Glaze and Bonds are notably missing from the teaser

Does this mean they don’t make it to their wedding day after all? Fans will need to tune in to find out.

The first eight episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4 are available to stream now. The previous seasons are also on the streaming platform.

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