‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant’s Awkward Remark Shocks Pat Sajak

Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak had a pretty funny response to a contestant’s off-color remark during a recent episode of the beloved game show.

A contestant named Kate from Cincinnati allowed her chances of winning a bonus round go down the toilet when she believed a four-letter word that started with “lea” was “leaf.” After guessing everything from “moving a leaf” to“raking a leaf,” the buzzer rang and Kate accepted her defeat. The word she needed was “leak” and the winning phrase was the idiom “fixing a leak.”

“Fixing a leak,” a flustered Kate blurted out. “I kept thinking of doing something else with a leak and I didn’t think that was it.”

The slip was enough to surprise Sajak.

“No,” Sajak deadpanned, glancing stone-faced into the camera and then dropping the cards he was holding.

Kate quickly covered her face with her hands in embarrassment, while Sajak bent down to pick up the cards. “Excuse me,” he said into the camera. “These get heavy sometimes.”

Kate’s clumsy-yet-pretty-relatable moment was memorable. But when it comes to embarrassing moments on the show this year, Kate’s mishap is not No. 1.

“Wheel” also invited more ridicule that month when a player incorrectly guessed “a feather in your nap” instead of “a feather in your cap.”

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