Vladimir Putin Will Not Be Invited To Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral: Reports

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be invited to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, according to multiple reports.

The Russian leader will be excluded from the ceremony due to the country’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, CNN reported, citing a senior official in the British government.

Reuters reports that the U.K. hasn’t invited any representatives from Russia, Myanmar or Belarus ― a key ally of the Kremlin ― to the funeral next Monday.

The U.K. has vehemently opposed the ongoing assault against Ukraine, imposing strict sanctions and targeting key figures in the Russian government with links to Putin and his allies. Myanmar has also been subject to harsh sanctions over its treatment of the Rohingya ethnic minority group.

The Kremlin had already said Putin wouldn’t attend the ceremony, although a spokesperson said the people of Russia had “respect” for the queen and “her wisdom.”

“For many decades Elizabeth II rightfully enjoyed her subjects’ love and respect as well as authority on the world stage,” Putin said in a statement after the queen’s death last week.

Some 500 foreign dignitaries, including a number of world leaders, are expected to be in London for the funeral, although a guest list has not been made public. U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are expected to attend, as are the prime ministers of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The queen, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, died last Thursday at the age of 96. King Charles, her eldest son, now leads the monarchy.

The British government is in the midst of an intricate, 10-day period of mourning after her death, part of a scrupulously planned occasion known as Operation London Bridge.

Elizabeth’s funeral is scheduled to be held Monday at London’s Westminster Abbey at 11 a.m. local time.

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