Ukrainians claim six Russian commanders killed in one strike

Dramatic footage posted to social media Thursday claims to show a precision strike on a small Russian convoy, killing six of Moscow’s commanders.

The video, posted to social media by Ukrainian officer Anatonly Shtefan Stirlitz, shows a birds-eye view of two small trucks traveling at speed up a rural road.

As the trucks reach a ninety-degree turn, lone missile streaks in from off-screen, striking the lead vehicle in a large explosion. Obviously damaged and out of control, it careens into a nearby field.

The second truck passes through the area seconds later, navigates the turn, but loses control, rolling over into the gutter.

Stirlitz writes that the trucks contained Russian “commanders [who] were on their way [back] from a meeting.”

Ukraine war
A video posted to social media by Anatonly Shtefan Stirlitz, a Ukrainian officer, shows six Moscow commanders being killed in a precision strike.

“And at this time, our glorious Cossacks were waiting for them,” he adds, a reference to the historically self-governing Ukrainian frontiersmen who occasionally served as cavalry in the pre-Soviet, imperial Russian army.

Stirlitz mocked Moscow’s stated reason for the invasion in announcing the Russians deaths, adding that “Six commanders and five soldiers were officially denazified and demilitarized.”

Russia has claimed its unprovoked attack on Ukraine is to “denazify” the country and disband its military.

Ukraine war
Inside the trucks were Russian “commanders [who] were on their way [back] from a meeting,” Stirlitz claimed.
Ukraine war
After a missile hit the first truck, the second truck lost control and rolled into the gutter.

There is little information in the video with which to identify the vehicles or even when or where the strike took place.

Stirlitz mentions the 56th Motorized Brigade in his Telegram post — a unit that has been active in the Donbas and around Mariupol.

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