Truff White Truffle Oil launch

If you are Team Truffle, we’ve got a PSA for you: Truff, maker of truffle-infused oils, hot sauces and way more, has just dropped White Truffle Oil just in time for fall. It goes with pretty much everything too, so you’re going to want to get in on it before it sells out.

The latest in Truff’s lineup of truffle-infused condiments and sauces, the White Truffle Oil pairs best with lighter, more delicate foods, including pizza, fish and salad dressings.

The new Truff White Truffle Oil is the result of infusing white winter truffles with olive oil to create a flavorful blend that you’re not going to want to cook with but use instead as a finisher to zhuzh up a dish. It adds a little extra to pretty much anything you can think of: Drizzle it on your white pizza, pair it with seafood or blend it into your mashed potatoes right at the end.

If Truff’s Black Truffle Oil is any indication, this latest release is going to be good; we tried that one on everything from spring greens to scrambled eggs, and it was a game changer when it came to giving our everyday dishes a little twist. (The excellent white truffle hot sauce is also a great indication that the oil will be on the mark too.)

Buy a bottle over at Truff now before they sell out — you can get a 16-ounce bottle for $29.99 while they’re still in stock.

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