Schaumburg Public Works reaccredited for 7th consecutive time

The village of Schaumburg’s Engineering and Public Works Department has been reaccredited by the American Public Works Association for the seventh consecutive time since 1997.

The purpose of the APWA accreditation program is to promote excellence in the operation and management of a public works agency, its programs, assets and employees.

Schaumburg’s Engineering and Public Works Department underwent a rigorous review process and demonstrated its exceptional dedication to providing the highest quality services to the community.

“The village’s Engineering and Public Works Department is proud to be the longest-running accredited agency in the country,” department Director Mike Hall said. “I am grateful for all the hours that staff contributed during this reaccreditation process. The reaccreditation is more than just a feather in the cap; it validates the processes and procedures that we are responsible for and recognizes the high standards of professionalism and technical competence of our public works department.”


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