Robbie Williams admits to pooping his pants in Take That concert

Robbie Williams is coming clean more than a decade after pooping his pants onstage.

The Take That singer described the 2011 experience in a lengthy Instagram caption last week, blaming “horrendous” food poisoning.

“Still not anywhere near well enough, I ventured to the stage,” he recalled. “I was in the precarious position of not being able to ‘trust a fart.’”

However, Williams, now 49, attempted to pass gas during the band’s opening number that night, “Let Me Entertain You.”

“As I’m sure you can imagine it didn’t remain just a fart,” he added of the “liberating” moment. “But ever the pro I retained my composure and committed to the performance 100 percent.”

Robbie Williams
The Take That singer described the “horrendous” experience via Instagram.

He continued, “Because of the picture I’ve just painted I’m sure you have questions. But let’s just let sleeping logs lie for now.”

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Williams coupled his confession with a sketch of a band performing, writing, “Sometimes your favorite artists fart onstage.”

The Grammy nominee isn’t the first musician in recent months to admit to defecating mid-show.

Robbie Williams
When Williams passed gas mid-performance, it didn’t “remain just a fart.”

Robbie Williams
The singer joked, “Let’s just let sleeping logs lie for now.”

In July, Joe Jonas joked that he needed therapy after needing to make a “mid-wardrobe s—t change” while letting out “a little toot” — and “a little extra” — while wearing white clothing.

“It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Such is life,” the former Disney Channel star told “Will & Woody” podcast listeners at the time. “It has happened to many artists. I’ve paid my dues, and I feel like I’m a part of some secret club now.”

In addition to Williams, Chris Brown and Ed Sheeran are also members of the smelly group.

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