Republican Senator Vows Donald Trump’s Enemies ‘Will Fear Us’

Senator Roger Marshall, a Kansas Republican, said on Sunday that if former President Donald Trump wins reelection in 2024, his enemies “will fear us.”

Marshall was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2020 and served in the House of Representatives before that. He formally endorsed Trump for president last month, while taking a shot at President Joe Biden, calling out his “absent leadership.” Marshall has also been a supporter for immigration policy that strengthens the U.S.-Mexico border to limit the number of migrants coming into the country.

Appearing on Fox NewsSunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo, Marshall said that people should not “overreact” to Trump’s recent rhetoric, while also giving a warning to the former president’s enemies.

“President Trump spends a lot of time shining a flashlight and letting that left national media chase the flashlight a lot, so I would not overreact to every word he says,” Marshall said. “He’s going to be the president of national security. He’s gonna secure the border. He’s gonna make the economy strong. His enemies will fear us and respect us.”

Newsweek reached out to Marshall’s office and Trump’s campaign team via email for comment.

trump and marshall
Senator Roger Marshall, a Kansas Republican, speaks during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol on May 11 in Washington, D.C. Inset, former President Donald Trump is seen in New York State Supreme Court on December 7. Marshall said on Sunday that if Trump wins reelection in 2024, his enemies “will fear us.”
Kevin Dietsch/Mike Segar-Pool/Getty Images

Some on X, formerly Twitter, were quick to question Trump as “the president of national security,” since he has been indicted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for allegedly keeping classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida after leaving the White House in 2021 and then obstructing the government’s efforts to retrieve them. Trump has pleaded not guilty and denied any wrongdoing in the case.

“The president of national security? Really? The guy that took classified documents to his country club and showed them off? The one left them unsecured and unsafe? That guy? Jesus,” X user @t1stev wrote.

User @MomWoww wrote: “He put national security at risk. Was Marshall absent during the whole story about stolen classified documents?”

The former president has been under recent scrutiny for an interview he did with Fox News’ Sean Hannity where he said he would not be a dictator “except for day one” if he were to win the presidency in 2024.

During a Fox News town hall on Tuesday in Iowa, Hannity asked Trump, “Under no circumstances, you are promising America tonight you would never abuse power as retribution against anybody?”

“Except for day one,” the former president replied. When asked to clarify what he meant, Trump said, “I want to close the border, and I want to drill, drill, drill.”

He then went on to say, “I love this guy,” referring to Hannity. “He says, ‘You’re not going to be a dictator, are you?’ I said: ‘No, no, no. Other than day one.’ We’re closing the border, and we’re drilling, drilling, drilling. After that, I’m not a dictator.”

Meanwhile, Biden said at a fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday that “the greatest threat Trump poses is to the democracy.”

Speaking at the New York Young Republican Club’s 111th annual gala on Saturday night, Trump accused Biden of being “the real threat to democracy.” He added, “But no, I’m not a threat. I will save democracy. The threat is Crooked Joe Biden.”

Newsweek reached out to Biden’s campaign team via email for comment.