Portnoy is back for more pizza. This time, it’s at DaCoopas in East Boston.

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The last time David Portnoy stopped in Boston for his one-bite pizza review YouTube channel, he ended up in a hostile exchange.

David Portnoy, the owner of Barstool Sports, is back in Boston for another installment of his one-bite pizza reviews — this time at DaCoopas in East Boston. 

Portnoy’s stop at the pizza place was documented by @onlyinbos on Instagram. 

The last time Portnoy stopped in Boston for his YouTube channel, he ended up in a hostile exchange with a Somerville pizza shop owner. 

Portnoy made a video where he called Dragon Pizza in Somerville “the worst pizza in America.” 

He was confronted by owner Charlie Redd who said Portnoy didn’t appreciate what he does to small businesses. This altercation was caught on video and proceeded to get hundreds of thousands of views. 

Somerville City Councilor-At-Large Jake Wilson took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to give his support for Redd and the Dragon Pizza staff. 

Since Portnoy’s review and the ensuing media feud, Dragon Pizza has become increasingly popular. Locals have been turning out to show their support, and the establishment even had to close early over Labor Day weekend this year after running out of ingredients. 

​​”We ran out of dough. We ran out of sauce. We ran out of cheese,” said Redd. “There’s not much you can do with a pizza shop without dough, sauce, and cheese.” 

Although it seems Portnoy is still posting videos to his YouTube about Brooklyn-based pizza locations, there seem to be videos posted almost every day to the pizza review account, meaning the second installment of Portnoy’s take on Boston pizza will most likely be coming soon. 

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