Piers Morgan Is Basically Campaigning For Ron DeSantis On ‘Fox And Friends’

Morgan, who recently interviewed the Florida governor, stepped over his traditional role of hot-take spewer and interviewer and became a campaigner.

DeSantis has yet to officially declare himself in the 2024 race for the GOP presidential nomination against Trump, but Morgan was all in on Team DeSantis.

“The Republicans, do you want more drama and chaos and baggage, or do you want someone who is fresh, young, nearly half Trump’s age, who doesn’t have the baggage and believes in doing government a different way?” Morgan asked. “Straightforward choice.”

Morgan assessed DeSantis’s strengths over Trump’s after last week’s interview with the governor, who is seen as Trump’s biggest GOP rival.

“Morgan’s prattling on about DeSantis over Trump signals a [Fox News] pivot to the Florida Governor over Trump,” Mediaite wrote with its clip of the segment.

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