Palm Beach man, 41, impregnated a 13-year-old, cops say. He blames the rape on voodoo

A West Palm Beach man accused of the incestuous rape and impregnation of a 13-year-old child didn’t deny the charge, authorities say.

“…during a post-Miranda interview with [41-year-old Jean Innocent], he stated that he believes VOODOO caused him” to rape the girl, according to an arrest report by West Palm Beach police investigators.

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Innocent remains in Palm Beach County Jail, charged with one count of incest, one count of impregnation of a child and two counts of sexual battery of a child in familial or custodial care. His bond is $28,000.

Jean Innocent

Jean Innocent

On Dec. 19, the girl went to St. Mary’s Medical Center saying she felt abdominal pains. The arrest report said it was there that St. Mary’s hospital staff found the victim’s pains stemmed from her being about six weeks pregnant.

She said Innocent began sexually abusing her over the summer. His most recent abuse of her, she noted, was in November. Her tears, she added, stopped Innocent from full insertion. She recalled him saying “never mind” before leaving the room.

During a call between the girl and Innocent with police listening on her end, the report details her describing to Innocent how she had been throwing up and that the hospital would give her a pregnancy test. Innocent “told her to say no and began making up a story to tell about a relationship with a boy named ‘Semen.’”

He later said, per the report, that “he believes his pre-ejactualtion could have caused her to become pregnant.”

After blaming voodoo, according to the report, Innocent admitted to raping the girl twice, in September and November.

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