Meghan Markle ‘won’ paparazzi war: ‘Everyone’s scared of her’

She’s Meghan them tremble in fear.

Photographer Jill Ishkanian recently alleged that the paparazzi are scared of the wrath of Meghan Markle.

The artist recently snapped pics of the Duchess of Sussex, 41, shopping at a flower market in Montecito, Calif. earlier this week.

Ishkanian divulged to Newsweek that when her photos were first published by Daily Mail in July 15, she didn’t get hate from the former actress’ team.

She did, however, collect a series of messages from other outlets who wondered how she scored the photos.

“I got forms from the ‘Mail,’ ‘The Sun,’ everybody,” Ishkanian noted. “They’re all crazy. Then they ask you why were you there?”

She went on: “No one called me, Montecito is a small place, if you’re around it’s not that hard.”

The photog added that Markle and her camp are “trouble with a capital T.”

Markle was spotted earlier this week at a farmer's market without Harry.
Markle was spotted earlier this week at a farmer’s market without Harry.

“When you sell a picture of her you get lawyers calling you and they ask you all sorts of questions. They ask you, did she ask you not to take her picture?” Ishkanian claimed.

“I would say everyone’s scared of her,” Ishkanian sighed. “They’re all scared of her—she won. The publications are just scared of her, they’re more timid.”

She also revealed that she’s opening up herself more to Markle and her husband Prince Harry ever since they spoke with firefighters during a Fourth of July bash.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Netflix documentary did not win any Emmy nominations.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix documentary did not win any Emmy nominations.

The freelance journalist explained that when she saw the Invictus Games founder, 38, and the “Suits” star “supporting the fire trucks going by, I thought I’ve got to hand it to them.”

“[They’re] the first celebrities that has ever done that. And then she was nice to me the other day so I’m getting more on their team,” she said.

During her quiet time at the farmer’s market, Markle picked up an array of local goods and even sampled some sweet honey.

She managed to keep a low profile and did smile to locals who recognized her as her security observed from a distance.

A photographer recently claimed that the press is afraid to take pictures of Markle.
A photographer recently claimed that the press is afraid to take pictures of Markle.
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The visit came just days after her Netflix documentary series “Harry & Meghan” failed to score any Emmy nominations.

A royal expert recently claimed that the couple was “devastated” about not being nominated for an Emmy, despite the docuseries bringing in a total of 81.6 million hours watched.

Expert Ingrid Seward recently claimed that the pair are upset about being left out of the award show nominations.

“But of course [the couple] will not show it,” the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine told the Mirror. She added that the viewership numbers were “obviously not good enough for an Emmy nomination.”

However, the series did emerge victorious by winning a nomination for the Hollywood Critics Awards in the Best Streaming Nonfiction category.

“In the series, Harry and Meghan talk about the royal family as if they were the enemy, while they themselves are trying to save the world,” Seward went on.“The series is an intimate look at ‘hardships’ they faced in their honey-colored, rose-tinted world.”

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