Man surprised when new Apple Watch is full of someone else’s information


Leo Cain found images, messages, and other personal information on an Apple Watch he bought for his dad’s birthday.

Leo Cain opened up the Apple Watch he bought for his father’s birthday to an unwelcome surprise, according to Boston 25 News. 

Cain found the previous owner’s texts, emails, videos, and other personal information, according to the news outlet.

“I started seeing health information and a lot of other things. That’s when I said whoa, I have someone else’s watch here,” Cain told Boston 25.  

Cain told the station that he bought the watch from a Victra store in East Harwich and his receipt didn’t indicate the watch had been previously owned or repaired. 

“It came out of the box looking brand new, no scuff marks, nothing on it at all,” Cain told the news outlet.

A spokesperson from Victra told the TV station that the company’s policy is to remove a prior user’s information from devices such as this one.

“Why such a reset did not occur in this instance is part of our investigation. All our devices, including watches are sold new to customers. This occurrence should not have happened and the device should never have been resold to another guest,” the spokesperson said in an email to Boston 25.

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