how trophy Russian equipment is attacking occupiers

The Ukrainian military has captured a lot of military equipment from the occupiers, which they are using to destroy their positions.

Source: Ruslan, aka Sharpei, in a video within the framework of the Ukrainskyi svidok [Ukrainian witness] project, on the operation of the captured Russian T-90 tank.

Sharpei said that he worked as an electrician until 2014, completed his military service, and then was in the ATO [Anti-terrorist Operation]. Now he is in charge of a tank unit.

The commander said that he is most worried about his people. His comrades-in-arms are 10-15 years older than him, but Ruslan notes that working with them is not difficult.


The T-90 tank, which was fairly taken from the Russians in April in Sumy Oblast, was developed back in the days of the Soviet Union. This is a modernisation of the T-72 Ural tank, which was used during hostilities in Syria, Iraq, Sudan and a number of other countries.

“Thanks for the Lend-Lease, of course,” says Ruslan.

He adds that the first thing they did was to remove Russian markings from the tank. Now the equipment is attacking the positions of the former owners, theRussians.

“The reconnaissance drones are engaged in adjusting fire. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve almost 100% accuracy,” says the commander of the combat vehicle, aka Sharpei.

The soldier says that the intensity of fighting on this part of the front is very high, and the occupiers don’t even care about bad weather conditions.

Sharpei adds that there is always fear on the battlefield. He says that they [the military – ed.] have to overcome it and not show that they are afraid.

“This is how to incite other soldiers to move. When a person is afraid, he starts to get lost and make mistakes,” he says.

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