Ex-Walmart Worker Hanging Up On Customer Starts Debate: ‘Such a B**ch’

A former Walmart employee stirred up controversy in the comments of her viral TikTok after she filmed herself repeatedly hanging up on a “rude” customer.

Cee, who goes by @ceiranicole, posted the viral video Friday where it received nearly 2 million views and 8,400 comments.

The TikTok of the woman hanging up on a customer can be found here.

Customer Rage

The 2020 National Customer Rage Survey found that the majority of rage is fueled by long wait times and often little solution, with about half of all complaints going unresolved.

Employee hangs up on customer
A woman stirred debate online after filming herself repeatedly hanging up on a “rude” customer. The employe repeatedly told the customer that her managers were unavailable because they were in a meeting.
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Out of all these customers, nearly two-thirds of complaints lead to customer rage due to frustration with the employee or company.

The study also found that people are more likely to share their negative experiences online, with about 17 percent sharing their frustrations with friends.

Customer Service Call

“Y’all this lady keep calling,” Cee said in the TikTok video while wearing a Walmart vest.

Cee answered the phone and laughed as the woman on the other line spoke.

“I don’t know who you think you are that you think you can hang up in my face, but you’re not going to do it again,” the customer can be heard saying.

While the customer requested to speak to a manager, Cee hung up the phone and began laughing.

“She called to talk to a manager, right? All the managers are in a meeting so I let her know that,” Cee said. “She said ‘no you’re not gonna hang up on me,’ so I hung up the first time.”

‘Such a B**ch’

Cee said the woman kept calling back and each time she hung up the phone.

“Girl, you don’t have any power here,” Cee said.

The customer then called again, this time allegedly threatening to have Cee fired if she didn’t grab a manager and claiming she would keep calling back until she could speak to one.

“Ma’am I’m going to keep calling every department til you get somebody,” the customer said.

“You’re gonna keep getting me, ma’am. The managers are in a meeting right now,” Cee replied.

The woman then told Cee she was “happy” she was the only employee available because “they [managers] will know who’s been such a b**ch.”

Shocked, Cee replied to the customer, saying “oh you want to tussle.”

The customer then said she was going to report Cee for being “rude and disrespectful” before she was hung up on again. Cee said before she started recording, the customer referred to her as a “ghetto girl.”

Viewer Reactions

More than 8,000 users commented on the post, many supporting Cee and others saying she was the rude one.

“When will they realize if they treat people with basic respect they will get what they need faster LMAO,” one user commented.

“Hanging up on a rude customer is one of the most satisfying experiences,” another user commented, receiving over 45,000 likes. “Sometimes you have to remind them who’s the one in need in the situation.”

“It’s Walmart. She lucky you even answered the phone,” another commented.

“I’m a manager & I’ve had to hang up on ppl before but this girl was really childish & unprofessional with it,” one user wrote.

“Why all Walmart employees think they’re so tough,” another user commented. “It’s so much easier to be nice, and you think this shits funny.”

Newsweek reached out to Walmart and Ceira for comment.

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