Don’t look inside this Texas house for sale if you ‘want to sleep tonight.’ Seriously

The inside of a house for sale in Baird, Texas, is making some folks on Twitter do a double take.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence — which is listed for $125,000 — is an “established and running haunted house” according to the listing on The photos are definitely evidence of that.

There are skeletons hanging off the ceilings and a creepy life-sized nun sitting on the couch with the Grim Reaper standing nearby. There’s also an “operating room” of sorts, and kitchen decor that consists of meat cleavers, saws and more. There’s even a funeral room with a few open caskets.

Images that send chills down your spine aside, the property has some alluring features including:

  • Secret door to the kitchen

  • Extra storage rooms

  • Basement with electric

  • Extra living area

  • Outdoor additional buildings

  • Outdoor portable bathrooms

There’s aan old school bus on the 1.96-acre property too. “Yikes, I wonder what is in there?” the listing asks.

The 2,168-square-foot home caught the attention of Friday Night Zillow, a Twitter segment run by Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis that highlights unique houses for sale. Some were afraid while others had questions.

“So, this is the best bargain of the week. Just $125K. But I have to warn you NOT TO CLICK ON IT if you want to sleep tonight. Texas,” Dennis said in the first of three tweets about the house.

Coffin door

Coffin door

He even pointed out the elaborate coffin door.

Otherswere quick to post their opinions.

This house is awesome,” one person said.

“Repeating to self: Next time, listen to him. Next time, listen to him,” another said regarding Dennis’ warning tweet.

I’d want to know what happened to the owner, and are they buried on the property?” someone joked.

All I want to know is why,” one person said.

Baird is about 165 miles southwest of Dallas.

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