Clever Cat Gets Into the Festive Spirit by Opening Own Advent Calendar

For many children, and even some adults, too, there is nothing quite like the sheer excitement of opening up an advent calendar each morning.

However, it turns out that it’s not just people who love the thrill of opening the door each day, because some pets have even joined in on the action. An Arizona cat owner, Anna, has gone viral after documenting how excited her feline, named Miss Ma’am, gets each morning when she discovers what that day’s treat is.

Anna, who doesn’t wish to disclose her full name, doesn’t want to be the only one who gets to bask in Miss Ma’am’s happiness each morning. She told Newsweek that she shares the videos online “so everyone else can enjoy how cute she is.”

So far, in December, Anna, 26, has delighted her social-media followers by showing them a clip of the cat tearing into her advent calendar each morning on her TikTok account (@breatheforever_). Many of the posts have become viral hits, with ‘day 4’ even amassing over 2.2 million views and more than 271,400 likes in six days.

Anna said: “Miss Ma’am is a little over a year old, and this is her second advent calendar, so she is always excited by it. She gets different stuffed toys or balls each day.”

Cat opening cat advent calendar
Miss Ma’am the 1-year-old cat opening day 4 of her kitty advent calendar. The pet loves opening another door each morning, with only a little bit of guidance from her owner.
@breatheforever_ / TikTok

With nine in 10 pet owners considering their beloved pet to be part of the family, there’s no surprise that they want to spoil them as best they can. A 2022 survey of 1,000 U.S. adults by YouGov highlighted just how much cats and dogs mean to their owners, and how far people will go to make the animals feel valued.

Some people might prefer to demonstrate their love by allowing their pet to go everywhere with them; 64 percent of dog and cat owners let them to sleep in the same bed as them at night. Others may choose to splurge on gifts and toys instead; 57 percent admitted to buying birthday and holiday presents for their pet.

Miss Ma’am is certainly overjoyed by the little toys she manages to unveil all by herself, but who knows how excited she will be when the big day finally rolls around.

So far, the feline has opened everything from a soft bauble toy, a Santa, a rattling ball, and a small spring. It’s safe to say that she loves the little treats she gets each morning, but, some days, Miss Ma’am seems more impressed by the cardboard doors than what’s behind them.

As for Anna, she has loved spoiling her cat with this pet-friendly advent calendar, and now she couldn’t possibly imagine the holiday season without one. “It’s been a super-positive experience and everyone on social media loves her, so I just want to say thank you to them for all the love and support,” Anna said.

The day 4 video has amassed almost 1,300 comments so far, with many people praising the intelligent cat for managing to open each door. One social-media user commented: “I’m this close to getting a cat just so I can get it a cat advent calendar.”

Another person wrote: “Impressive lol [laugh out loud], never seen a cat open it’s own advent calendar.”

Another comment reads: “The way she immediately starts playing with it.”

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