Breaching whale enjoys snack at NY Jones Beach in drone footage

A video of a breaching whale with its mouth wide open while gulping down its prey near a New York beach was captured by a drone. 

A video shared by the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps on Wednesday shows a school of silvery fish scattering just before the whale breaks the water’s surface.

“We love our thriving oceans here at New York State Park’s world-famous Jones Beach,” the group said on Twitter.

Jones Beach State Park is on a barrier island on the south side of Long Island. 

New York and New Jersey beaches have experienced a string of shark sightings and attacks this summer thanks to the fish the whale was attempting to eat, putting beachgoers on edge. 

Since the unofficial start of summer during Memorial Day weekend, beach officials have used drones, helicopters and beach closures to prevent a potentially deadly shark encounter after at least five people have suffered shark bites.

On July 1, Nassau County officials reported a possible shark bite near Jones Beach.

Despite, the recent string of shark-related incidents, the chances of being attacked by a shark are still extremely rare, about 1 in 3.7 million. 

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