‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 11 Recap: Who Joined The Cast Week 6, Part 2? Who Went On A Date?

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 11 featured a bonfire, another major Genevieve and Aaron blowout, and love triangles galore.

We welcomed three new arrivals to the beach, witnessed a hilariously unexpected double date, and saw several contestants question their existing connections. Ahead of Week 7, it’s clear that there’s still significant potential for solid couples to break up or for Paradise OGs to experience sparks with new contestants. There are still a few terrifying, exciting, high-stakes weeks ahead of that sweet Paradise finish line. But hopefully we’ll see several couples leave the beach hand in hand.

Looking for a recap of Bachelor in Paradise Week 6, Part 2? Wondering who joined the cast in Season 8, Episode 11? Who snagged a date card? And who’s coupled up ahead of the next episode? We’ve got you covered. But be warned, spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Episode 11 are ahead.

Who went home on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 11?

No one! After another major disagreement with Aaron, Genevieve had every intention of leaving the beach. She even walked to the van with her packed bags, but Aaron cut her off and the two talked it out. After a whole lot of tears shed, Gen and Aaron each admitted they were falling in love with each other, so she decided to stick around and give their relationship another shot. Though the two kissed and made up, it…uh…still feels like they still have some major issues to sort out. Right? I’m no longer convinced this is a super healthy relationship, and I hope they keep talking things out in the coming weeks.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6, Part 2: Who joined the cast in Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 11?

The first new arrival was Hayden Markowitz, a 29-year-old from Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. If the name Hayden doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you’ll remember Rambo, the beloved golden retriever he talks about with the same passion Pizza Pete uses when talking about pizza. Or perhaps you’ll recall the time he told Gabby she was “rough around the edges” or said Rachel and Gabby didn’t “hold a candle” to his ex. Yep. That Hayden.

Hayden on 'The Bachelorette'
Photo: ABC

The next two (yes two!) arrivals were also from Gabby and Rachel’s season. You probably remember them, because they’re TWINS. But if you don’t, it’s because they were eliminated Night 1, because, well, they were twins who bored the hell out of Gabby and Rachel. 24-year-old Justin and Joey Young walked down the steps of Paradise dressed in the same gray tank (that they swear they bought separately). How can you tell the two apart? Justin wears a gold chain and Joey wears silver. Good luck to all involved.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6, Part 2: Who Went on a Date On Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 11?

Since Hayden was the first new arrival, he received a date cared and asked Logan’s gal Kate out for the first 1:1 of his Bachelor Franchise experience. The two went zip lining, which Kate loved, but Hayden hated. In Kate’s own words, “Im thriving, he’s panicking…I definitely don’t feel turned on by this scared energy from him.” After their outdoor adventures, the two popped champagne and Hayden got real with Kate, explaining why he got such a bad wrap on The Bachelorette. His comments and lack of accountability made Kate want to sprint back to the beach, and after he exhausted his Bachelorette small talk, Hayden launched right into his favorite conversation topic: his dog, Rambo. He explained that Rambo has an inoperable brain tumor, and after an unbelievably expensive treatment (like, six digits expensive) Hayden bought Rambo a year or two more of life. “I’d spend every cent I had on him. it doesn’t matter,” Hayden told Kate, who was having a hard time deciding whether she hated him or was impressed.

Twins Joey and Justin Young on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Next up, the twins received double date cards and had their eyes set on Brittany and Victoria, who they pulled aside first. After chatting with all of the ladies, Joey asked Shanae, and Justin asked Florence (aka Flo). Both women accepted, and thus began a rare Paradise double date with two 24-year-olds and two 30-year-olds. The group went to a restaurant where Wells just so happened to be bartending, and they spent the day playing cantina games. They did body shots off of each other, blended margaritas using bikes, licked each other’s armpits, rolled each other into human tortillas, and shoved eggs up their…behinds. Yes, really. The date felt more like a ’90s gameshow on Nickelodeon than Bachelor in Paradise, but by the end of it both couples were making out, so I guess it was a success.

Who Ends Up Together in Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 11?

By the end of Episode 11, the fate of several couples is up in the air. At the end of Week 5, here’s the status of the strongest couples on the show:

  • Brandon and Serene (Status: In love)
  • Danielle and Michael (Status: Still great I guess!)
  • Victoria and Johnny (Status: Going strong)
  • Tyler and Brittany (Status: Still hot and unbothered)
  • Andrew and Jessenia (Status: Still quiet but content)
  • Genevieve and Aaron (Status: Allegedly falling in love?? I’m still not convinced)
  • Florence and Justin  (Status: Potential)
  • Shanae and Joey (Status: Potential)

New episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air on ABC Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET. Episodes are available for next-day streaming on Hulu.

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