Zoe Saldaña Says She Feels “Stuck” Working on Major Franchises

“I feel that for the last 10 years of my life, I’ve been just stuck. I felt stuck doing these franchises.”

For many looking from the outside in, it could be a bed of roses to a world-famous star who is part of a globally recognizable franchise. Yes, it has its perks but there are cons as well – some more underlying than most. Zoe Saldaña has spoken up recently about her struggles about being part of franchises, and she has more than enough knowledge on the matter.

Saldaña is one of the most recognizable faces and individuals in the industry. The actress has been featured in global franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Trek. The actress has also played the role of Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar and Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy film series. While speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, Saldaña reveals that being a part of all these projects had its challenges as well. While expressing gratitude for the opportunity of being a part of all these franchises, the actress revealed she has felt stuck, saying “I feel that for the last 10 years of my life, I’ve been just stuck. I felt stuck doing these franchises.” Saldaña also showed gratitude for being able to bring joy to kids through her role, however, the actress reveals that starring in these franchise roles tends to inhibit artistic growth. “But it also meant that I felt artistically stuck in my craft of not being able to expand or grow or challenge myself by playing different sorts of genres and different roles,” she explains.


Aside from the inhibition she feels that these roles have placed on her artistic capabilities, Saldaña reveals that she had also wrestled with the “pressure that society puts on women that your youth is gone as soon as you have children and you go into your 40s.” The actress goes on to add that she has taken control of her aging and her voice and how she considers herself a woman. She is excited to work with industry professionals who want to offer women a more liberating experience when it comes to their youth.

Zoe saldana as Neytiri in Avatar
Image via 20th Century Fox

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While Saldaña will be returning to one of her iconic roles when Avatar: The Way of Water hits theaters on December 16, the actress has in recent times tried out her exceptional talent in a different role from her franchise projects. The actress recently starred as Amy in the moving Netflix series, From Scratch. Based on the memoir From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home by Tembi Locke, the series explores the highs and lows of love and true commitment.

Avatar: The Way of Water will premiere in theaters on December 16. You can check out a trailer below:

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