Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Flesh Feast or Famine

Lottie doesn’t take too kindly to Nat’s cult, clarifying that “we are an intentional community turning suffering into strengths.” Lisa is doing fine after getting stabbed through the hand with a fork by Nat last episode, but exclusively calls Lottie “Charlotte,” which will take some getting used to hearing. Lisa brings Lottie a drink, but it isn’t exactly what she asked for, and it’s a great peek at the woman behind the culty curtain. Despite her welcoming, healing energy, Lottie’s truth slips through in her judgment surrounding Lisa’s mistake. Lottie also clarifies that all of the outfits of the commune members are heliotrope, not purple, in reference to the flower. Heliotrope means “to move with the sun,” and describes the types of flowers that follow the light of the sun throughout the day. Hmm, guess we now know why Lottie wears orange and yellow.

But the big news is that Lottie tells Nat what really happened with Travis the night he died. He was having panic attacks and called Lottie to say the wilderness had “come back” to haunt him. His theory is that the easiest way to confront it is to get as close to death as possible, citing the time “Ben almost died” and again when Lottie almost died (FORESHADOWING!!) as proof. Travis planned to hang himself just enough to lose consciousness and confront the darkness, setting the forest symbol in candles beneath him. 

Sadly, he rigged himself up using a button-powered machine, and when Lottie went to bring him down, it failed. Nat thinks Lottie is holding out information and says, “Every time you try to save someone, a lot of bad s*** happens.” Lottie has some terrifying flashbacks of Laura Lee and later that night, Nat has some awful visuals of her own. Did Travis’ death bring back the darkness?

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