WTF Really Happened to 127 Hours?

In April 2003, Aron Ralston left his home in Aspen, Colorado and drove five hours to the Canyonlands of Moeb, Utah. It was here where his relatively casual day of hiking turned into a devastating fight for survival when a dislodged boulder fell and crushed his arm, trapping him in one of the hundreds of narrow passageways of Blue John Canyon. He was all alone, and worst still: no one even knew he was there. If he was going to make it out alive, he’d have to do the unthinkable: cut off his own arm. Aron’s harrowing ordeal has been well documented, most notably in his memoir, the aptly titled Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Seven years after Aron was forced to sever his own arm in a final, desperate attempt at survival, Danny Boyle adapted his inspiring story for the big screen in 127 Hours. But does the movie accurately portray Aron’s inspiring tale of perseverance, or does it get lost in the canyons of Hollywood fiction? Let’s find out WTF Really Happened to 127 Hours! This episode is written by Brian Accardo, and edited and narrated by Adam Walton. Check out all previous episodes of WTF Really Happened to this Movie here!

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