Why Hugh Jackman Felt An ‘Urgency’ To Play His Role In The Son

Whether or not Zeller’s latest is your cup of tea, there’s no denying that Jackman looks to be deeply effective as Peter, a father trying to do right by his child in the way he wished his own father had done for him. During the same interview, Jackman revealed he made it a point to reach out to the director about the part during the casting process:

“I obviously had seen [“The Father”], I’d seen his plays, I was going to do one of Florian’s plays. He’s written a lot of plays. And so I read the script, and knew I had to do it. I had also heard that a couple of other actors were being talked about. So I had this awkward moment where I emailed the director, because I felt an urgency to play the part. It’s a rare thing to happen. It’s one you look for. I emailed him, I said, ‘Sorry, if you’re dancing with somebody else, if you are, I’m not the kind of guy to cut in. But if you’re not, I would love to play the part.'”

It’s interesting to think what other actors might have also played this role well had Jackman not been available, but there’s a tenderness in him that feels crucial to a part like this — and that Good Morning America interview is proof of that.

“The Son” will premiere in theaters in the United States on November 25, 2022.

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