Who Dies At The End Of FUBAR Season 1?

Whenever there is explicit violence in “FUBAR,” it’s done with a wink instead of a blunt force strike to the head. The kills are mostly setups for Arnie one-liners that reference past films. In episode 2, “Slow Train,” Luke shouting “He’s attacking the plane by Choppa!” is an obvious nod to “Predator” that comes around once again in “That’s It and That’s All.” There are spats of blood and plenty of sporadic gunfire in “FUBAR,” and some deaths are only seen on screen monitors that have all the emotional connection of a drone strike. There’s a dead cow that pops up at one point and a couple of sliced throats but it’s all shown after the fact.

There’s no emotional connection to most of the deaths taking place, save for when special ops agent Aldon (Travis Van Winkle) is shot in the gut trapped inside the tunnel of a nuclear power plant. Luckily, he’s saved by his colleague Roo (Fortune Feimster), who performs a crude surgery to save his life. So, another potential victim is scratched off of the body count list.

“FUBAR” is only concerned with Boro’s death, and the entire series rests on the cat-and-mouse chase between the CIA and the world’s most dangerous arms dealer. The CIA already thinks they’ve killed Boro, until he suddenly shows up at Tally’s wedding, takes her hostage, and threatens to blow them all up (having survived an explosion that left him with heavy scarring). Luke and Emma finally manage to shoot him several times. Then, Roo shoots him again, right in the head to finish the job.

If I were to guess, Roo has definitely seen the ending of “Scream” before. There are countless offscreen deaths throughout the first season, but when it’s all said and done, “FUBAR” really just has a body count of one.

“FUBAR” is now streaming on Netflix.

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