‘White Collar’ Returns to Netflix After 6 Years

The Big Picture

  • White Collar, a fan-favorite procedural drama, is coming to Netflix, providing potential for a nostalgic watch and attracting a new audience.
  • Revival talks for the show are legitimate and in progress, with a plan in effect, according to actor Matt Bomer.
  • The series features a talented ensemble cast and has a spin-off in the works, making a revival more likely if it proves popular with viewers.

Fan favorite procedural drama White Collar is coming to Netflix, Deadline reports. The news comes after Disney head Bob Iger previously mentioned a licensing deal with Netflix, in anticipation of a combined Hulu and Disney+ app. As per the deal, the House of Mouse is licensing 14 popular TV series to Netflix on a non-exclusive basis for 18 months, including the likes of Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, This is Us, Lost, and many more.

White Collar ran between 2009-2014 and followed the charming con man Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), who pairs up with FBI Special Agent in Charge Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) as a criminal informant and helps the FBI in solving cases week after week. Along with winning fans’ hearts it also garnered much critical appreciation and gave us some of today’s top on-screen performers.

‘White Collar’ is Eyeing a Revival

The series coming to Netflix is a good sign as it has all the potential to find a new audience and can prove to be a nostalgic watch for many. It falls in the same popularity bracket as Suits, which did wonders for streamers like Netflix and Peacock in terms of viewership records. Given that the series already has a spin-off in the works, the road to revival should be easier if White Collar seems as popular with the audience.

Speaking of bringing back the show, Bomer recently revealed that there are “legitimate talks” going on. “There has been talk,” Bomer said recently, adding “It’s actually very legitimate talk, it’s in conversation.” The murmurs of a revival have been making rounds since May 2020 when Bomer and the cast virtually connected for a reunion. Though the actor noted that “a lot of things need to fall into place, but there is a plan in effect, at least, so we’ll see what happens,” he added.

Along with Bomer, the ensemble cast includes Tiffani Thiessen as Peter’s wife Elizabeth Burke, Marsha Thomason as FBI Agent Diana Berrigan, Sharif Atkins as Agent Clinton Jones, along with Hilarie Burton as Sara Ellis, and Natalie Morales as Agent Lauren Cruz. The recurring cast includes Diahann Carroll, James Rebhorn, Bridget Regan, Gloria Votsis, Ross McCall and more. Actor Willie Garson, who portrayed Mozzie, Neal’s most trusted confidant and fellow con man will be sorely missed by the cast and fans.

White Collar debuts on Netflix on April 1, 2024, and is currently streaming on Hulu.

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