Tony Khan Shoots On AEW Competing With Triple H’s WWE

Vince McMahon retiring and leaving booking duties to Triple H presents a new challenge for AEW. Tony Kahn recently spoke about what the shift means.

Vince McMahon retiring and leaving Triple H in control of booking for WWE will present a totally new set of challenges to Tony Khan and AEW. One of the most significant competitive advantages All Elite Wrestling previously had over WWE was that wrestlers wouldn’t have to deal with McMahon and his whims. That edge is gone now.

Not only that, but Triple H has proven capable of putting on compelling professional wrestling shows. Fans who generally only tune into AEW weekly may slowly drift back towards WWE as the in-ring product improves. The August 1 episode of Monday Night Raw featured half an hour more wrestling than Vince’s last show. That’s a substantial change, and Wednesday Night Dynamite could find itself challenged as the home of work rate kings. WWE’s production capabilities combined with Triple H’s proven ability to book robust wrestling shows could threaten AEW’s long-term viability.


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Tony Khan recently spoke to Kevin Walsh of about McMahon’s retirement and Triple H’s subsequent promotion. “It’s going to change the competition, but I think that’s a good thing. AEW’s got a big fan base. We’re in 130 countries now around the world, and here in the US, we’ve built a great fanbase. And the competition is going to change. It’s a different person in the chair opposite me but I don’t think that’s going to be a bad thing for the wrestling fans, necessarily.” AEW’s co-owner also spoke on how WWE’s changes will be good for the performers themselves. “I imagine that great wrestlers are going to be in demand. And again, I think this is probably going to be good for the wrestling fans because that’s one of the most exciting things about pro wrestling is free agency.” (h/t to for the transcription)

Competition Is Healthy For Both WWE And AEW

The Monday Night Wars created some of professional wrestling’s biggest stars ever, and that boom period helped make WWE the cultural force it is today. While interest in the product has dwindled over time, the shift from McMahon to Triple H could change that. While AEW lags far behind in ratings, this still could be a situation where the rising tide lifts all ships.

It’ll be interesting to see if AEW stars begin to defect to WWE, as Cody Rhodes did for WrestleMania 38. No matter how strong of a product All Elite becomes, they can’t compete with WWE’s historical significance. It takes time to build that kind of equity, and all the money in the world can’t make AEW’s World Championship mean as much as WWE’s major titles.

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