Tombstone Pizza Gives Elm Street Residents a Chance to Win Free Pizza

The contest will run from October 3 – 31.

There are few horror franchises more popular than A Nightmare on Elm Street. The Wes Craven classic became an instant pop culture phenomenon when it was released in 1984. Now Tombstone Pizza is giving horror fans a unique way to celebrate Freddy Kruger this Halloween if you live on Elm Street. The company is giving fans a chance to win free pizza this October.

All you have to do, besides live on a real-life Elm Street, is enter the contest on Tombstone Pizza’s website. The contest runs from October 3-31 and whoever wins will get free pizza for a year. Finally, there’s a good reason to live on Elm Street. Pizza is the perfect comfort meal for the crazy sequels like The Dream Child; a film that saw Freddy dress up like a chef and kill someone by stuffing food in their mouth until they suffocated. Robert Englund’s perfect line delivery proclaiming “You are what you eat” has become one of the most memorable and grossest kills in the franchise’s history.


Nightmare has seen so many evolutions over the years. Whether it was the pure Craven terror of the original or the more body horror frights of Freddy’s Revenge or the meta vibes of A New Nightmare, each new chapter offered something unique no matter its varying quality. However, the one thing that has stayed consistent over that time, has been the core concept of someone visiting your dreams to twist them into a hellish nightmare. The time when you’re most vulnerable. That’s why the original remains a genre classic to this day. The concept of the story taking place in a commonly named location like Elm Street also only adds to the franchise’s scary power. Anyone could live on this infamous street and there are over 5,000 Elm Streets in the United States. That’s what makes this particular contest intriguing.

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There hasn’t been a new entry in the franchise since the 2010 remake and fans have been clamoring for a new film for over a decade. This mouth-watering contest from Tombstone Pizza is a great way to eat away those heartbreaking feelings… that is if you live on Elm Street. If you’re one of those lucky horror fans, the contest doesn’t go live until October 3, but you can visit Tombstone Pizza’s website for more chilling information. Just watch out for Freddy, he may be watching. You can also stream most of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise on HBO Max now.

Check out the trailer for the original film below:

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