The Unexpected FUBAR Season 1 Twist That Raises A Lot Of Questions

Right after Luke and Emma’s stint in Guyana, the duo, along with the rest of the CIA attempt to put together a plan to zero in on Boro. As a means to strengthen their efforts, Tina is introduced to the team as a gifted analyst from the NSA, who helps them with crucial leads along the way. Tina is set up as a sweet, innocuous addition to the gang, whose gifts are an asset to the Boro operation.

After all, she was the one who provided Luke and co. with the possible involvement of Moldovan scientist Dr. Karl Novac, which turns out to be a key aspect of Boro’s plan to retrieve usable remnants from the stolen nuclear sludge. Moreover, after Barry (Milan Carter) — Luke’s handler — develops a crush on Tina, she quickly evolves into someone we can trust, as she seamlessly integrates herself into the core gang of spies.

In the show’s sixth episode, titled “Royally Flushed,” it is hinted that the CIA has a Russian mole responsible for leaking information and being involved with Boro himself. While this thread is quickly discarded and almost forgotten amidst the chaos, we circle back to it towards the end. Tina hastily receives a call, saying that this is not a good time to talk, and then proceeds to communicate in Russian about a plan set in motion. This is all the confirmation we need regarding Tina being the Russian double agent, and the reveal casts a lot of doubt over her true allegiances, and her relationship with Barry, which had only appeared genuine and endearing right up until this moment. Is Tina actually double-crossing the Russians for some reason, or does she intend to carry out her role as a CIA infiltrator? 

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