The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Grogu’s Origins

In the flashback of this episode, we see Grogu take one step further in his journey from the Jedi and into the wider galaxy, introducing us to a character named Kelleran Beq. Beq is played by Ahmed Best, who originated the character on the YouTube show “Jedi Temple Challenge.” Beq — nicknamed “The Sabered Hand” — served aboard a ship training younglings in the canon-adjacent show. In this episode, though, we see him defending himself from the clone troops of the 501st and working to rescue other Jedi from the fate of the purge. Unfortunately, he’s only able to escape with Grogu.

Others might recognize Ahmed Best in his most famous “Star Wars” role, the lovable and too-often maligned Jar Jar Binks from the prequel trilogy. Where Jar Jar Binks gets his physicality from the silent movie greats like Chaplin, Lloyd, and Keaton, Beq is much more inspired by the Kung Fu masters that Best loved watching in his formative years.

For me, this was definitely the best part of the episode, even though it opens up some questions about timelines and exactly what his plans were. And whatever happened to Beq’s purple lightsaber?

Regardless, it was great to see such a wonderful actor return to “Star Wars” in such a cool part. And it makes one wonder if we’ll get future installments of the adventures of Beq and Grogu that will eventually lead up and connect to Grogu’s story on “The Mandalorian.” No doubt it would end in tragedy, but it would be impossibly fun to watch.

Best is able to bring a gravitas to this sequence that really grounds it and makes it fun to watch. It really was just a delight.

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