The Haunting Of Hill House Scene That Scared The Cast In Real Life

The scene in question happens toward the end of episode 8, as the Crain siblings are on their way back to Hill House to confront their past and try to rescue one of their own who has gone missing. This is an important episode that has the characters finally confront the demons that they’ve kept hidden for years, the scars they caused one another, and the supernatural events they denied for so long.

As the two surviving Crain sisters — Shirley and Theo — drive up to the house, they fight and confront unresolved issues. At the height of their fight, the ghost of their dead sister, Nell, shows up and scares the hell out of everyone.

Elizabeth Reaser, who played Shirley, told PopSugar that filming that scene was as scary as watching it. “Yeah, it was really scary when we did that scene,” she said. “Because if someone came up right now behind me, I would jump, you know?” Likewise, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who played Luke Crain, revealed that he got scared watching that scene. “I screamed and I was still scared, so I screamed again.”

Even Victoria Pedretti, who did the scaring in the scene as Nell, confessed to Decider that she frightened herself just shooting the scene. “I knew it was happening [and] I screamed — at myself!” Same, Victoria, same.

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