The Correct Order To Watch The Maze Runner Movies

Well, the only correct way to watch these films is in the order of theatrical release. Yes, that sounds super obvious and not at all complicated, but please bear with me. Start with 2014’s “The Maze Runner” which introduces us to the Glade, where teens dubbed Gladers are responsible for navigating an ever-changing labyrinth that houses dangerous biochemical beasts known as Grievers. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) is thrown into the midst of chaos, and as a “greenie” (new Gladers who are thrown into the Glade every week), he must navigate this treacherous world and solve the mystery that lies at its heart.

Next, is 2015’s “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials,” which sees Thomas teaming up with the other Gladers to get to the bottom of the shadow organization that oversees the Glade, known as WCKD. There’s a palpable shift in tone in the sequel — while the Glade used to be a place where the teenagers only cooperated for survival, Thomas’ presence inspires everyone to actively band together in an attempt to uncover the root cause behind their fates. The world also widens, as we are introduced to a wasteland called the Scorch, where resistance fighters team up with our core group to survive yet another devastating trial.

Finally, 2018’s “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” marks the explosive finale to this mystery, where Thomas and co. must once again push back to rescue their friends and seek more answers about their world. An infection known as The Flare makes matters worse, and unsavory truths about the Gladers are revealed by the end of this enigmatic entry. While this journey is pretty chronological, let us look into the prequel books and the companion texts written by Dashner to help flesh this world out. 

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