Tania Maduro Complimented In New Swimsuit Photo

Tania Maduro shares a new bikini post on Instagram. Her revealing video receives many positive comments from 90 Day Fiancé viewers and stars.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Tania Maduro has amazed her co-stars and fans by sharing a stunning bikini look online. Viewers may remember the former cast member from 90 Day Fiancé season 7, where she appeared alongside her former husband Syngin Colchester. The couple originally met in South Africa and quickly fell in love. However, their problems became evident when the couple appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? to tell their post-marriage story. Eventually, Tania and Syngin returned on 90 Day: The Single Life and revealed that they had decided to split.

Since the couple has broken up, chances are that Tania will appear again on the show to tell her side of the story. She recently posted a picture in a dress and teased her appearance on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3. Tania also mentioned that the outfits in the photo were from two different dates, making it clear that she has moved on from her ex-husband. Tania and Syngin’s breakup may not have been mutual, but the Connecticut native is now ready to explore new love connections.


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For now, Tania is now proudly embracing her body by sharing her revealing looks online. Her recent Instagram post shows her adjusting her swimwear and pulling off multiple styles. She wrote, “Loving my new swimsuits,” adding that her bikini is from Rio Brasil Beachwear and comes with adjustable cups. The video showed Tania going from a “hot Miami nights” look to a “family friendly” look within seconds by stretching her bikini top. Tania’s 90 Day Fiancé co-stars have complimented her bold swimsuit video. Stephanie Matto wrote that she would buy the swimwear, while Michael Jessen joked about wearing the bikini due to his “Covid weight.”

Tania Maduro-Skinny-Dipping Photo-90 Day Fiancé

90 Day Fiancé fans have also loved Tania’s video and applauded her look. An Instagram user wrote, “It’s gorgeous on you Tania” and asserted that the swimsuit has a beautiful pattern and colors. Another user called Tania a queen and wrote, “Gorgeous as always and that bikini looks amazing on you.” Someone else even complimented Tania by writing, “You are such a natural beauty and I dig that.” The fan added that finding someone natural like Tania is hard in today’s world, where everyone is seeking a certain aesthetic.

In the past, fans have blamed Tania for many problems in her relationship with Syngin. These issues involve their quick marriage, ignoring the visible red flags, and trying to change her ex-husband against his wish. However, most people are now happy for Tania as she’s moving on with a bold and confident persona. Everyone now understands that Syngin was a big part of their failed marriage, and Tania doesn’t deserve all the hate. Interested viewers now look forward to seeing Tania’s different side in the new 90 Day Fiancé spin-off.

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