Succession’s Brian Cox Has Zero Hope for Any Spin-Offs

Dispelling the rumors of a potential “Succession” spin-off, Brian Cox told Deadline, “I don’t think there’ll be a spin-off. I really don’t.” Ever the blunt speaker, the veteran actor added that even if they found a spin-off-worthy idea, it would just be rehashing the themes that “Succession” has already covered so well:

“The only spin-off would be Greg [Logan’s bumbling nephew], but I think that would be pretty boring. I think that would be just same-old, same-old. I think we’ve covered it. I don’t think there are any spin-offs, really. I think it’s unnecessary. Jesse [Armstrong, the series creator], he’s not going to do a spin-off. He wants to move on. He wants to go into other territories.”

Don’t let him hear me say this (because I would never survive a round of Boar on the Floor), but Cox might be wrong.

He makes a solid point when he calls a spin-off “unnecessary.” So far, it seems like “Succession” is wonderfully on track to conclude the story of Waystar Royco and the three siblings (sorry, Connor) battling to control it. My personal impulse is to root for a satisfying ending to the Roy family story. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other pockets of this world worth exploring.

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