Stranger Things Plot Holes That Still Confuse Fans

The second season of “Stranger Things” was hotly anticipated. By now, the series is a known win, though, at the time, audiences only had a stellar first season to go on. And a stellar first season (or several) matters for naught in the television landscape — just ask any “Game of Thrones” fan. Luckily, Season 2 knocked it out of the park, delivering a worthwhile and frightening follow-up to the somewhat expository first season. The cast expanded with several worthwhile additions, most notably Sadie Sink’s Max. The world grew larger, and the threat posed by the Upside Down intensified. Characters underwent necessary shifts, and most importantly, “Stranger Things” settled into the genre rhythm that continues to support it today.

However, in a rare misstep, Season 2 indulged in a wildly disconnected bottle episode. Worse still, it arrived just as the “A” plot was kicking into gear, eliminating the tension and creating a disjointed, mid-season atmosphere. In “The Lost Sister,” Eleven travels to Chicago to meet with other telekinetic kids like her. The whole episode plays with problematic tropes, cheap spin-off material, and foregone conclusions. Largely considered the worst episode of the show, the creators have thus ignored it entirely. Two additional seasons in, nothing is said or known about Eleven’s crew in Chicago. While there’s a chance they’ll reappear, it’s unlikely. Given the controversy, the omission does little but solidify what a misstep the episode was.

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