Stephen King Loved New Adaptation So Much He Emailed The Director With Another Offer

The Boogeyman author Stephen King loved Rob Savage’s new adaptation of his novel so much that he offered the director another story to adapt on the big screen. The Boogeyman adapts King’s 1973 short story and stars Sophie Thatcher, Vivien Lyra Blair, and Chris Messina as a grieving family who finds themselves targetted by a terrifying entity when a stranger comes to their door. Ahead of the film’s wide theatrical release, Savage revealed that King enjoyed The Boogeyman.


The director recently disclosed more of his interactions with the author following his screening of the adaptation while appearing on The Kingcast. While the story’s film rights are currently wrapped up in discussions between holders, King offered Savage the opportunity to work together again, emphasizing that he would like to bring The Langoliers to the screen again. Check out Savage’s full recollection below:

“I can’t say too much, like the rights are all tied up. It’s one of the ones I mentioned to King that I really wanted to do. After he saw [The Boogeyman] he…which is a very surreal email to get from Stephen King, but he emailed me saying ‘we should work together on something.’ And I immediately was like, I want to adapt The Langoliers, and he was really enthusiastic about that.”

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The Langoliers swarming down in the series

Like The Boogeyman, King’s 1990 novella The Langoliers is one of the author’s most notable works, following the passengers of a late-night plane who find themselves as the remaining humans in a deserted airport upon landing. The survivors find themselves displaced from time and reality in a lifeless domain and soon become hunted by creatures intent on devouring them and the new plane of existence around them as they try to escape. While the anthology book was praised upon release, The Langoliers picked up negative associations due to a less well-received subsequent television adaptation.

Released on the ABC Network in May 1995, The Langoliers was a two-part miniseries adapting the flight’s unfortunate experience, which starred Patricia Wettig, Dean Stockwell, and David Morse. While The Langoliers is faithful to the novella’s basic premise and earned good viewership ratings, the miniseries was criticized for its pacing, characterizations, and poor special effects on the titular creatures. However, King’s approval of Savage’s desire to bring The Langoliers to the big screen following The Boogeyman is understandable, as the director’s previous films earned praise for creating unnerving atmospheres, making him an ideal choice to create the off-putting twisted reality that the passengers end up in.

With The Boogeyman terrifying audiences based on first reactions, many horror enthusiasts will be keen on seeing the director’s next feature. While the director will next helm an adaptation of The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp, Savage earning King’s approval is a promising sign, as the author has previously been open about his feelings towards film adaptations of his works and stated when he dislikes a film. Though The Langolier‘s adaptation rights are wrapped up in complex legal obligations, Savage’s proposition receiving King’s approval from his work on The Boogeyman leaves horror fans eager for more.

Source: The Kingcast

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