Star Wars Fans React To Ahsoka Episode 7’s Reunion Scene

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 7.




  • Ahsoka episode 7 brings heartwarming reunions and plenty of reactions from Star Wars fans, showcasing its ability to tie together beloved shows and moments.
  • Fan reactions highlight the emotional impact of Ahsoka and Ezra’s long-awaited reunion, showcasing their growth as characters.
  • The appearances of legacy characters like Anakin Skywalker and C-3PO surprise and delight fans, further adding to the excitement and disbelief that each episode of Ahsoka brings.

Ahsoka episode 7 included even more heartwarming reunions from its various characters, bringing with it another round of online reactions from overjoyed Star Wars fans. More so than any other Star Wars project of late, Ahsoka seems to be drawing more reactions from fans of the universe. Given the tying together of beloved shows like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and other elements of the New Republic era like The Mandalorian, Ahsoka has plenty in the way of heartwarming, tear-jerking, and chill-inducing Star Wars moments.

This only continued with Ahsoka episode 7 which took place primarily on the intergalactic planet of Peridea. That said, the opening of Ahsoka episode 7 brought some surprises with the continuation of Hera Syndulla’s storyline amid the politics of the New Republic. From the council assembled to trial Hera to the help she enlisted and – most importantly – the reunions taking place on Perdiea, Ahsoka episode 7 followed in its predecessor’s footsteps by bringing plenty of reactions from Star Wars fans online.

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xFictionNerd opens the slew of fan reactions from Ahsoka episode 7 with an emotional post highlighting Ahsoka and Ezra’s reunion. The two were last seen together in the World Between Worlds during Star Wars Rebels season 4, with the long-awaited reconciliation having the desired effect on Star Wars fans.

Speaking of the World Between Worlds, BrandonGrunch highlights the differences in the characters of Ahsoka and Ezra since their last meeting. With a clip from Star Wars Rebels showcasing the two in the mystical plane of the Force side by side with their live-action reunion from Ahsoka episode 7, the reaction highlights how far the two characters have come in the Star Wars franchise.

Following on from the reunion of Ahsoka and Ezra, some Star Wars fans like RaFe_Tano have further underlined just how far Ahsoka‘s characters have come. The post shows Ezra, Sabine, and Ahsoka in their first scene together during Star Wars Rebels with the trio facing off against Shin Hati in Ahsoka episode 7, truly exemplifying their journeys.

While Ahsoka episode 7 featured plenty in the way of connections to Star Wars Rebels, another cameo from Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker has left fans speechless once more. As YaBoyEd points out, Christensen is bridging the gap between his version of the Chosen One and Matt Lanter’s from Star Wars: The Clone Wars with a mention of animated characters like Asajj Ventress.

Anakin was not the only Star Wars legacy character to appear in Ahsoka episode 7 with Anthony Daniels’ C-3PO appearing as the droid created by the Chosen One. WiccanStan shared their shock at seeing 3PO once more in Star Wars, with the character’s cameo a surprise to be sure but a welcome one for Ahsoka episode 7.

From the reunion of Rebels’ characters and the appearances of Anakin and 3PO to the events of Peridea involving Thrawn and the Nightsisters, lizbedumb shares the echoed sentiment of disbelief that each episode of Ahsoka seems to bring amongst Star Wars fans, with Ahsoka episode 7 proving to be no different.

The general sense of awe Ahsoka seems to be invoking is a feeling also shared by morallygrayjedi. As is probably the case with plenty of other Star Wars fans, the post shows that sometimes the only sensible reaction to the excitement of Ahsoka episode 7 is to simply scream with glee.

Yet where there is joy there is also anger as xzq42bwgzx points out. This post underscores the shared frustration between Star Wars fans at characters like Senator Xiono who opposed Hera at length in Ahsoka episode 7.

ansdearmas highlighted one of the more intriguing elements of Ahsoka episode 7. The post shares the scene between Ahsoka and Shin Hati as the former attempted to literally and spiritually reach a hand out to the latter in a sign of good will.

Naturally though, no reaction round-up of Ahsoka would be complete without the overall praise for the show’s creator Dave FIloni. As OneTakeNews points out, Ahsoka‘s latter half is yet to hold a misfire as Filoni continues to provide Star Wars fans with all the twists, turns, action, cameos, and pure joy that the franchise has come to be known for with Ahsoka episode 7.

Ahsoka Delivers On Her Promise

Ahsoka from The Mandalorian between Ezra and Sabine from Ahsoka episode 6

Most of these reactions focus on the reunion between Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine, proving that the former has kept her promise from Ahsoka episode 5’s ending. Ahsoka promised Hera that she would bring Sabine and Ezra back alive, something that looks promising going into the show’s final episode. However, the shadow of Thrawn continues to grow meaning that, even though Ahsoka likely will deliver on her promise to Hera, she may bring the unwelcome presence of the villainous Imperial Grand Admiral along with it in Ahsoka episode 8.

New episodes of Ahsoka release every Tuesday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

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